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Breast Cancer Risk Factors

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, October 24, 2018
Breast cancer is a devastating disease. Approximately 12.5% of all US women will develop invasive breast cancer sometime in her life. It is expected that over 266,000 new cases will be diagnosed in the US. There will also be over 60,000 new cases of non invasive breast cancer this year alone. Those numbers are staggering. Women with a family history of breast cancer have a higher risk of d ..

Running and Fall Go Hand in Hand

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, October 17, 2018
This is my favorite time of year! Fall is here and I love it. This is the best time of year for running, in my humble opinion. The cold temperatures are starting to creep in. The leaves will soon turn brilliant shades of red, orange and yellow. I love to watch the wind catch the leaves as they fall, twisting and turning in a graceful dance as they fall to the ground. Pumpkin pie, hot apple ..

Running to Lower Your Blood Pressure

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Running can improve your blood pressure. Dr. N. Michael Baddar, Medical Director for In and Out Express Care, once told me "the lower your blood pressure, the longer you will live." This was the first time I had heard this and I was intrigued. Being physically inactive is linked to high blood pressure. Persistent high pressure can damage blood vessels, heart, brain, kidneys and your ey ..

How do I know if I am overtraining?

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, August 01, 2018
Whether you are a top age group triathlete, bodybuilder, golfer or runner, overtraining can be a plague to your progress. Due to many people’s highly competitive drive, they often ignore the signs of overtraining. This often leads to injury and dissatisfaction with one’s progress. If you’re a runner, you know the 10% rule. To stay injury free, it is best to only increase  ..

Dietary Supplements for Endurance Athletes

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, June 27, 2018
The world is trending towards a more natural approach. Be it in non-surgical medical aesthetics, health and physical fitness or skin care. People are looking for a better way. Gone are the days when we were content to put anything and everything in and on our bodies. The following supplements are backed by evidence that they will enhance aerobic conditioning, decrease recovery time and hel ..

Physical Steps for Mental Health

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Wednesday, June 13, 2018
For some strange reason, the news hit me like a punch in the gut. I hadn’t even known the man, but Anthony Bourdain’s passing somehow elicited in me a very strong response. But why? I, like most women, love a bad boy. I had watched his show No Reservations for years, envious of the exotic places he visited and fascinated by his narration of each show. He seemed to be able to connec ..

Give open water swimming a try!

By Dana MacCorquodale | Published Tuesday, June 05, 2018
For some triathletes, the swim is an obstacle. For others, the swim is a time for them to shine in a triathlon. They are in their element when in the open water. When you think about swimming, what is the first thing that pops into your head? For most people, images of a pool with crystal blue water comes to mind. However, if they’ve grown up swimming on a competitive team, it&rsquo ..